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”The whisper of a Porsche echoes in your heart, beckoning you to embark on a journey where limits are shattered and dreams become reality.“

Flatsix IMS

Dedicated Service

As Singapore's foremost Porsche specialist, we possess an intimate knowledge of your Porsche, combining passionate partners, experienced engineers, and unique services to provide uncompromised professional care.


The Flatsix Team

Flatsix Porsche Andy Tatlow Founder

The Engineer

Andy Tatlow, a devoted Englishman with a 16-year residency in Singapore, has immersed himself in the world of Porsche, dedicating his career to this iconic brand. As the esteemed proprietor and chief engineer of FlatSix, he has honed his expertise in working with Porsches worldwide, driven by his profound passion for these remarkable vehicles, which also sustains his livelihood.

Undoubtedly, his affection for Porsches runs deep, making him one of the select few who truly comprehend the art of delving into these extraordinary machines.
Flatsix Porsche Gregory Soh Founder

The Doctor

Despite his unassuming and modest demeanor, Greg Soh, the co-owner, possesses a wealth of experience and expertise, having ventured into realms of LN engineering, Flat 6 innovations, Bosch, CMD, Alientech, and beyond.

His drive to excel is relentless, as he consistently delves into the heart of any problem. Just like the acclaim for Porsche, often hailed despite its size, the same can be said for this remarkable individual, who could be likened to a doctor in his fervent passion for Porsches.
Flatsix Porsche Singapore FVD


The alliance between Flat Six and the esteemed German Porsche parts supplier, FVD, marked a momentous convergence of vast expertise and unmatched resources. This powerful partnership brings forth boundless possibilities, empowering us to turn your Porsche dreams into tangible realities.

Envision the extraordinary potential that lies ahead, as we stand ready to fulfill your every Porsche-related aspiration. The horizons of imagination have expanded, and the journey is nothing short of thrilling.

As Featured

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Flatsix Media Feature Rewind Magazine
Rewind Magazine
Issue 004
Flatsix Media Feature Davison Magazine
Davison Magazine
Vol. 42 2018
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The Edge Singapore
November 2017
andy_tatlow 5.png
March 2010

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Flatsix Pte Ltd
176 Sin Ming Drive,
#02-13 Sin Ming Autocare

Tel: 65521170 | Whatsapp

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Hotline: 65521170

Mon - Fri: 930am - 630pm
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Flatsix Partner Autostrasse
Flatsix Partner Munzai

I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it. - Porsche Ferdinand

Customers' Feedback

Flat Six exhibited honesty and helpfulness that we are committed to supporting their business by sending our fleet of cars to them as long as their doors are open!

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